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By Andrew Heavy Kunhle, 2015

Bane's Bio

"I am a freelance NYC urban artist born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I started as a graffiti artist and then began working in different media to capture the soul in color and whimsy."  - Bane Seik


Bane Seik is a Latino urban artist who was born and raised in the Lower East Side in New York City in the 80's.  He was heavily influenced by graffiti artists - Lee, Fab 5 and Paze- specifically train art and tagging.  From these roots in the gritty streets of New York City during the explosion of hip hop and graffiti art, his art has developed into a spiritual, surreal experience that evokes emotion and fantasy that speaks to the soul. 

With New York City as his canvas, and street art and the artists of the Village as his inspiration, Bane's work can be edgy but often is a more emotional exploration of the soul as noted in his many works reflecting the eyes as windows of the soul.


From tears of sadness and frustration to the electric hair patterns of his many faces, Bane's work is a favorite among people all over the world who have suffered and risen above their circumstances to realize we are all the same -  beautiful creations of whimsy.


Breaking News!:  On December 31, 2014, Anthony Riaza (aka Bane Seik) suffered a soul-wrenching tragedy.  His left hand was crushed by a NYC Sanitation truck and half of his arm was amputated.  See the News menu for more information and learn about his new art.

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