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"One minute I was in the truck and the next minute, I woke up in ICU..." -Bane Seik, Oct. 2015

For the full article published on 10/10/2015, click here.

"Losing my hand and forearm has changed everything except for my passion for my art."  -Bane Seik, Jan. 2015


NY Daily News Artcle December 31, 2014:  Anthony Riaza, a 43-year-old known in the art world as Bane Seik, had his left hand crushed under one of the vehicle's front tires, officials said. Doctors at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital amputated his left hand at the wrist, according to the Sanitation Department. A co-worker and friend said Riaza's left hand is his drawing hand.   For the full article, click here.


The Art of Healing

The New Journey

After the accident, Anthony worked with soft charcoals using his right hand to "work through" his trauma.  Here he is shown with one of his first post-accident pieces.  He was also the trauma center's Survivor
Of The Month
at Mount Sinai-St. Lukes Hospital, in Manhattan. 

Bane Seik has recently been equipped with a prosthetic arm that allows him to articulate his fingers.  He is learning to use his bionic arm to support him in his new journey. 

Inspiration - Alexander Reynoso and others
Right Hand/Left Hand Work:  The Transition

Many of Anthony's co-workers, friends and fans have been inspired to create works of art to inspire him to continue his art work.  These works have been shown on this site and include Alexander Reynoso's Buddhist-inspired portrait and Andrew Heavy Kunhle's tribute to Bane Seik's work.  Cazzi Antoinette's mosaic-colored women are also inspiration to continue his art.

"Losing my left hand made me appreciate the work it created; it's playful, reflective spirit.  I have a few original left-hand pieces and some that are half-completed.  I intend to complete these pieces with my right hand and produce the only sets of work that have both of my hands poured into them.  I work daily to develop my right hand into a tool for my creative voice, and my goal is to inspire everyone to express their creative gift.  I am grateful to be alive and plan to continue to create art and inspire others to express themselves creatively."

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